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PCF Group plc  (AIM: PCF) is the AIM-quoted parent of the specialist bank, PCF Bank Limited. With the advent of the banking operation the Group now has the capability to increase its lending portfolio significantly, with target portfolio sizes of £350m in 2020 and £750m in 2022. The Group will retain its focus on portfolio quality, and has the capability to lend increasingly to prime segments of the finance market.

PCF Bank will offer retail savings products for individuals and will then deploy those funds through its two lending divisions:

  • Consumer Finance which provides finance for motor vehicles to consumers; and
  • Business Finance which provides finance for vehicles, plant and equipment to SMEs.

The Group has a track record of strong financial performance and an efficient and scalable business model, with significant room to grow. Utilising its technologically advanced platform, the Bank will provide both depositors and borrowers with a high level of service and a straightforward, simple range of products tailored to suit their needs.


Tim Franklin (NE Chairman)
Thirty years in financial services.

Scott Maybury (Chief Exec)
Co-founded PCF Group plc and was previously Finance Director until 2008.

David Bull (FD)
Ex KPMG, Deutsche Bank and was interim Chief Financial Accountant at the Bank of England.

Robert Murray (MD)
Co-founded PCF Group plc .Thirty five years banking and finance experience. Heads the Business and Consumer Finance Divisions.

Christine Higgins, David Morgan, David Titmuss, Mark Brown

Profit & Loss
30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2017
Net interest income15,00211,064
Net fee & commission expense(352)(190)
Net operating income13,73510,191

Profit after tax4,1922,786
Dividend per share0.30p0.19p
Balance Sheet2018
Cash & balances at central bank21,33817,018
Total assets284,471172,468
(Total liabilities)(243,919)(133,807)
Total equity42,55238,661

Peer Group

  • Provident Financial Group (LSE: PFG)
  • 1pm (AIM: 1PM)
  • Manx Financial Group (LSE: MFX)
  • Non-Standard Finance (LSE: NSF)
  • S & U Plc (AIM: SUS)
  • Secure Trust Bank (AIM: STB)

Major Shareholders


  • Scott Maybury- 0.81%
  • Robert Murray – 0.47%
  • David Morgan – 0.47%
  • Mark Brown – 0.06%


  • Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited – 54.47%
  • Somers Limited – 10.93%
  • Miton Asset Management Limited – 4.20%
  • Beleggingsclub ‘t Stockpaert – 3.06%

Macro Indicators

Media Coverage

Investors Chronicle (Dec 2018)
“Challenger bank PCF reports record results and a bullish outlook.”

Shares (Oct 2018)
“PCF surges on record increase in lending”


Broker Coverage

Stockdale (House Broker – Dec 2017)
“The portfolio of receivables grew to £146m (SSL forecast £145m) from £122m and the quality was reflected by the record low impairment charge of 0.5%. Most importantly, PCF bank was launched in July and received £53m in deposits by 30 September…The 90% increase in the dividend to 0.19p shows management will also continue to pursue a progressive dividend policy.”

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