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OPG Power Ventures (AIM: OPG) operates and develops power generation assets in India and currently has 414 MW in operation principally under the group captive model and 62MW of Solar assets. The operations are in leading industrialised states of India – 414 MW in Tamil Nadu and 64 MW in Karnataka.

For the next phase of growth, OPG has set a target to build at least 300 MW of solar energy projects in India

OPG has been listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since May 2008 and since listing in 2008, the Company has grown from 20 MW of generating capacity to 476 MW

India is one of the fastest growing economies and with over 7% GDP growth is power hungry. The growth of the power sector is a key area for the Government which has recently introduced reforms and policies to improve trading conditions. 



Arvind Gupta (Exec Chairman)
Mr. Gupta gained experience in various divisions of the business including flour milling, steel production and logistics, becoming President of Kanishk Steel, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Jeremy Warner Allen (NE Dep Chairman)
Mr Warner Allen has >25 yrs experience in capital markets, heading the growth companies team at Cenkos for 11 yrs.

Dmitri Tsvetkov (CFO)
Mr Tsvetkov has  >23yrs of financial, accounting & operational experience, with vast experience of working for listed energy companies.

Avantika Gupta (COO)
Avantika Gupta completed her LLB, Bachelors of Law from UCL in 2008.

Jeremy Beeton (NED), Michael Grasby (NED)


Cost of Revenue(100,195)(67,738)
Gross Profit39,92068,426
Profit/ (Loss) for the year(100,878)23,076
Cash & cash equivalents 2,18613,086
Total assets304,743629,695
Total liabilities165,613393,007
Total equity & liabilities303,743629,695

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