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Insig AI Plc (AIM: INSG) was formed on May 2021 by the reverse takeover of Insight Capital by the Catena Group following Insight’s three years of successful growth. Insig’s mission is to transform its clients’ competitiveness through unlocking the power of their data. The Group delivers products designed to adapt to and enhance investment strategies; enabling asset managers to transition to a data-centric business model, advance and scale their analytical potential and gain value, speed and strategic leverage. Products provide “out of the box” data analytics solutions that generate explainable and transparent outputs and methodology backed by an experienced and multi-disciplined team with deep sectorial knowledge. Specifically the products are:

  • Insig Portfolio – a multi-asset data-science and machine learning platform designed to enhance investment strategies and enable portfolio interrogation and performance attribution
  • Insig ESG – A tool for developing and executing a data-led ESG investing strategy; providing credible, transparent and evidence-based scoring based upon standard or bespoke methodologies.
  • Insig Data – A data transformation tool for cleaning, structuring and categorising proprietary and third-party data to enable machine learning and other data analytics via Insig or client applications.
  • Insig Docs – A microservice application that intelligently extracts, tags and stores documents based and unstructured data using cutting edge text extraction and elastic database technology.
  • Insig Exceleton – A tool that converts complex Excel spreadsheets into Python code, enabling an accelerated transition to a modern, machine learning and data analytics enabled strategy.


  • Richard Bernstein (Non-Exec Chair):  Former CEO AIM-listed Eurovestech.
  • Colm McVeigh (CEO): Former Chief commercial officer of BT One Phone. 10 yrs at BT
  • Steven Cracknell (Chief Product Officer): Began his career with Thomson Reuters before 10 years at Goldman Sachs. Moved to California to become CPO and then CEO of Zenti, Inc, a Silicon Valley based tech-start-up focussing on big data analytics solutions
  • Warren Pearson (Chief Tech. Officer):Co-founded Insight with Steve Cracknell. 12yrs @ Goldman Sachs, with stints at Barclays & the LSE. Joined Steve Cracknell at Zenti Inc in 2012, a Silicon Valley based tech-start-up;
  • Peter Rutter (NED): Head of equities at Royal London AM. Ex head of global equities at Waverton Investment Management;
  • John Murray (NED): Ex MD Credit Suisse Group. Also a senior advisor to AIM-listed activist fund Crystal Amber.
  • Richard Cooper (Ind NED): CFO Equals Group plc & Chairman Engage XR Holdings Plc.


P&L31 Dec 2020
31 Dec 2019
Profit/ (Loss) before tax(492)(188)
Balance Sheet31 Dec 2020
31 Dec 2019
Cash & Cash Equivalents1,032637
Total Assets256275
(Bank loan & borrowings)716
(Total liabilities)(1,013)(325)
Net Assets1,753554

Major Shareholders

Steven Cracknell- 10.97%
Warren Pearson – 4.87%
Matthew Farnum-Schneider – 0.10%
John Murray – 0.04%

R Bernstein Esq – 12.10%
Nikhil Srinivasan – 7.70%
Anna Mann – 5.51%
Mark Woodhouse – 5.12%
Hargreaves Lansdown – 5.11%
SG Kleinwort Hambros – 3.04%

Media Coverage (Apr 2021)
“On AIM, investors piled into Catena Group after it announced it will move into the artificial intelligence sector. It has proposed launching a reverse takeover of a company called Insight, which offers niche services to asset managers. This includes using computer algorithms to study the language companies use when talking about their environmental, social and governance goals, and then evaluating whether or not they are actually following through on their pledges.”

Macro Indicators (July 2021): “Fintech for a better future: 5 Trends That Are Improving Financial Service”

“…The Advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics: Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a variety of use cases across financial technology. However, one of the most prominent use cases is monitoring, analyzing and predicting customer behavior. For example, AI can be used to determine how and when users of an online banking service might run into technical trouble, and then offer assistance through a chatbot.

The use of AI and machine learning is expected to continue to grow with regard to financial regulations and policy compliance, algorithmic trading and fraud detection. AI systems can also play an important role in financial institutions’ anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism operations.”

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