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The Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth through a concentrated portfolio of UK listed micro-cap companies (those with a market capitalisation of under £150 million at the time of investment).

  • Target returns: 15% p.a. compound return over 3 – 7 years (this is a target only and is not guaranteed).
  • Differentiated portfolio of strategic investments: seeks to take influential equity stakes (3% – 25%) in a high-conviction portfolio of 12 – 18 listed companies.
  • Experienced team: the Trust is lead-managed by Judith MacKenzie, who is Citywire-AAA and F.E. Five-Crown rated for the three-year performance of Downing’s micro-cap OEIC*.
  • Management fee: 1% p.a. based on market capitalisation – no performance fee**.
  • Robust discount control: redemption opportunity after three years (at the Directors’ ultimate discretion) and a buy-back mechanism for up to 14.99% of issued share capital (subject to shareholder approval).
    **Other charges apply; please see the Prospectus for full details.

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