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Bango Plc (AIM: BGO) allows smartphone and tablet users to pay for apps, games, music and video via one click, which adds the payment to their phone bill. This is known as Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), and Bango take a fee from each transaction going through their system.

Bango’s technology sits on both the app stores and mobile operators servers – acting as an interface between mobile users, the app stores and network operators. And because they are gathering and analysing data from all these parties, they are able to advise  partners of potential optimisations  – recommendations which help increase end user spend and conversion rates.

Global leaders plugging into Bango include Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft, and the company has over 140 payment routes activated, with a 40% share of the direct carrier billing market (Progressive Equity Research, March 2016).


  • Ray Anderson (Exec Chair): Co-founder. Established IXI, early leader in creation of web. Founding investor; Electronic Share Information (sold to E*Trade)
  • Paul Larbey (CEO): Former CEO of Velocix. >20yrs experience in  telecoms
  • Matt Garner (CFO): formerly CFO at Global Invacom
  • Anil Malhotra (Chief Marketing Officer): Co-founder. 16yrs marketing experience
  • NED’s: Sir Eric Peacock, Gianluca D’Agostino, Nancy Cruickshank


End user spend1,8521,093
Gross Profit11,8247,101
Proft/ (Loss) for the Year4,897(2,421)
Cash & Cash equivalents5,8372,687
Total Liabilities2,9444,590
Total Assets27,03219,287

Peer Group

  • Earthport (AIM: EPO): Cross-border payment services to banks and businesses
  • EservGlobal (AIM:ESG): Mobile banking & financial services software
  • Planet Payment (NASDAQ: PLPM): International payment and data processor

Major Shareholders


  • Ray Anderson – 9.37%
  • Anil Malhotra – 5.68%
  • Martin Rigby – 0.25%
  • Rachel Elias-Jones – 0.01%


  • Liontrust Asset Management – 15.34%
  • Herald – 12.77%
  • Odey AM – 12.41%
  • Hargreave Hale – 4.18%
  • Cavendish Asset M’gt – 4.66%
  • Inflection Point Investments – 3.99%

Macro Indicators (January 2020)
“App Stores saw record 204 billion appdownloads in 2019, consumer spend of US$120bn.”

“Consumers downloaded a record 204 billion apps in 2019, up 6% from 2018 and up 45% since 2016, and spent $120 billion on apps, subscriptions and other in-app spending in the past year. The average mobile user, meanwhile, is spending 3.7 hours per day using apps.”

Media Coverage

Investors Chronicle (Nov 2019)
Bango Gaining Momentum: Aim-traded Bango (BGO:130p), a provider of a state-of-the-art mobile payment platform enabling smartphone users to charge purchases made in app stores straight to their mobile phone account, has announced several contract awards in the past few weeks, adding substance to the investment case I outlined when I covered the interim results” (Dec 2019)
“Bango shares drop 8% despite revenues rising more than 40% as mobile payments firm fails to close new supply deals.”


Broker Coverage

Progressive Equity Research (Mar 2018)
“Momentum remained strong during the year, with End User Spend (EUS) confirmed as having more than doubled but opex having grown by just 13%. The positive outlook statement will give confidence in the near-term financial performance.”

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