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Andrada Mining Limited (AIM: ATM formerly AftiTin Mining) vision is to create a portfolio of high quality tin, lithium and tantalum producing assets. The Company’s flagship asset is the Uis Tin Mine in Namibia, formerly the world’s largest hard-rock opencast tin mine.

The current strategy is to ramp-up production at the Uis Mine in Namibia to more than 10,000 tonnes of tin concentrate and 350,000 tonnes of lithium concentrate in a Phase 2 expansion. Production of tin increased in the six month period ending 31 August 2023, with 758 tonnes of tin concentrate produced

The Company’s lithium Pilot Plant, located adjacent to the main tin processing plant at the Uis Mine was successfully commissioned in October 2023 producing approximately 10 tonnes of concentrate during the process. The production rate is expected to increase to 250 tonnes per month by the end of March 2024.


  • Glen Parsons (Chairman):  20rs+ international experience in company building, corporate finance, treasury, operational and general management. Most recently as CEO of Mariana Resources
  • Anthony Viljoen (CEO):  Mining entrepeneur & founding shareholder of VM Investment Company. Founding director &CEO of ASX-listed Lemur Resources and NED of Bushveld Minerals.
  • Michael Rawlinson (NED): Founder of Liberum Capital. Ex Barclays and JP Morgan Cazenove
  • Hiten Ooka (CFO): Ex Group head of Finance at Bushveld Minerals
  • NED’s: Terence Goodlace, Laurence Robb, Gida Nakazibwe Sekandi


P&L28 Feb 2023
29 Feb 2022
Cost of sales(10,509)(9,303)
Operating Profit/ (Loss)(682)670
Profit/ (Loss) for the year(8,104)(474)
Balance Sheet28 Feb 2023
29 Feb 2022
Cash & cash equivalents8,2067,365
Total equity & liabilities47,46937,069

Major Shareholders


  • Anthony Viljoen – 1.11%
  • Glen Parsons – 0.07%
  • Michael Rawlinson – 0.25%
  • Laurence Robb – 0.102%


  • The Orange Trust – 15.69%
  • Canaccord – 10.38%
  • FIL Investments – 7.38%
  • Naminco Ltd – 6.06%
  • Interactive investor – 5.50%
  • Hargreaves Lansdown – 5.18%
  • Orion – 1.93%

Media Coverage

Shares Magazine: Our top ways to invest in lithium miners and the outlook for price  (Feb 2023)

“Anthony Viljoen, CEO of Andrada Mining (ATM:AIM), which recently changed its name from Afritin as a precursor to expanding focus from its tin output in Namibia towards lithium, says the ‘geopolitics are fascinating’ with China demonstrating ‘an insatiable desire to control every lithium deposit on the planet’.”

Macro Indicators

Business Standard: Batteries, metals and a supercycle (Feb 2023)

“The energy transition will require a bevy of metals — steel, aluminium, copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt, rare earths, silver and manganese — and the supply for most is constrained. Lithium is often at the centre of conversations, as are the deals that car companies are signing up with mining companies.”

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