HVPE: Annual Results – TV Interview

30th May 2024 | HarbourVest Global Private Equity (FTSE 250)

FTSE-250 HarbourVest Global Private Equity has today released annual results for the 12 month period ending 31st January 2024.

Chair Ed Warner, commenting on results, said;

“The investment case for HVPE remains compelling. The Company has outperformed public equity markets over the past ten years, and we are optimistic that this will continue in the long term. HVPE’s track record attests to the resilience of its investment strategy during challenging periods, and its diversified portfolio is well-positioned to continue to deliver strong returns and
outperformance in the years ahead.  HVPE’s near term prospects also appear favourable. IPOs and M&A transactions are both rising. Concerns about valuations in the sector are also alleviating, which should help to drive both exit volumes and premiums.  The progress we have made over the year, including actions we have taken to drive share price returns, positions us well for the future.With private market recovery gathering momentum the Board is confident HVPE is well set for future growth.” 

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Below is an interview with Chairman Ed Warner & Managing Director, Richard Hickman

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