HgCapital Trust: Investment in TigerRisk Partners

9th June 2022 | Hg Capital Trust PLC

Hg, the Manager of HgCapital Trust plc (“HGT”), today announces an investment in TigerRisk Partners, (“TigerRisk”) a leading risk, capital and strategic advisor to the global insurance and reinsurance industry, which is being acquired by Howden Group Holdings.

The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed and completion is subject to closing conditions.

HGT will invest approximately £7.4 million in the transaction, with other institutional clients of Hg investing alongside HGT through the Hg Saturn 2 Fund.

HGT announced its original investment in Howden Group Holdings, a leading international insurance group (previous known as Hyperion Insurance Group Limited), in 2020.

HGT, whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, gives private and institutional investors the opportunity to participate in all Hg’s investments.

Note that these figures only relate to HGTs share of Hg’s overall investment in TigerRisk.

HGT’s available liquid resources, which includes the undrawn bank facility of £250 million for future deployment, are estimated to be £429 million (21% of the 31 March 2022 pro-forma NAV of £2.1 billion).

This investment will reduce HGT’s outstanding commitments to invest in Hg transactions to approximately £610 million (29% of the 31 March 2022 pro-forma NAV).

Later today a full press release from Howden Group Holdings can be found on: https://www.howdengroupholdings.com/news/index.html

Below is a short animated clip highlighting the key points from the Year End Results