Emmerson: Khemisset Potash Project Update

30th September 2021

Emmerson has this morning updated the market on progress at the Khemisset potash project in Morocco. These highlights include submission of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) which has progressed towards the final assessment stage

CEO Graham Clarke also commented on potash prices:

“…It is also worth highlighting just how strong potash prices are. There are considerable variations by geographical market, as is often the case. Being independent, as we are, means to be able to supply the local markets with highest demand and pricing. At this point, that market is Brazil, which is growing its demand by about 1 million tonnes per year and now paying over $700/t for granular potash, as against the consensus long term price of $412/t that was used in our 2020 Feasibility Study. This is an excellent backdrop for our financing negotiations.”

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