HeiQ: Launch of HeiQ Viroblock Permanent

28th January 2021 | HeiQ Plc

Launch of permanent antiviral textile technology, HeiQ Viroblock Permanent

HeiQ (LSE:HEIQ), an established global brand in materials and textile innovation which operates in high-growth markets, is pleased to announce the launch of HeiQ Viroblock Permanent, a new innovation under the HeiQ Viroblock technology platform. HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is being used exclusively on Meryl® Skinlife Force, a new sustainable, antimicrobial and durable premium fabric.

Meryl® Skinlife Force has been developed in partnership with Nylstar SL, a pioneer in hydrogen technology in high-tech yarn production, and a long term customer of HeiQ. HeiQ supplies a blend of manufactured raw materials for the fabrication of Meryl® Skinlife Force powered by HeiQ Viroblock Permanent, and will share a percentage of the net sales of this fabric. This agreement is in line with the Company’s strategy to grow its high margin royalty and licensing business and increase its share of the $10 billion antimicrobial fabric industry. Part of the royalty earned will be reinvested to promote the HeiQ Viroblock technology platform to drive its ongoing success and brand equity.

While the Company’s current HeiQ Viroblock offering is achieved by chemical treatment to a finished fabric, HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is embedded inside the fiber, meaning that the effect lasts for at least 100 washes, instead of the current 30 (which is already market leading). This opens up new markets to HeiQ due to its suitability for use in medical environments with high hygienic and sanitary requirements. It is also 100% recyclable, putting HeiQ and Nylstar at the forefront of circular economy.

HeiQ co-founder and CEO Carlo Centonze said:

“The launch of HeiQ Viroblock Permanent on this premium, sustainable fabric gives us further access to the $10 billion antimicrobial fabric market and adds a new high margin royalty stream to our business. The joint promotion with our long-term partner Nylstar will allow us to reach a broader customer base. Developed and launched in just six months, this latest launch is testament to HeiQ’s rapid innovation capabilities which have enabled us to successfully build a reputation as a leader in textile treatment. We continue to experience strong demand for our Swiss Technology Award-winning technology and this latest partnership represents the first of many new applications in our pipeline.”

Alfonso Cirera, Executive Chairman of Nylstar, said:

” Meryl® Skinlife Force powered by HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is fabricated to meet the most exacting requirements on performance and sustainability of consumers in today’s day and age.”