Allery Therapeutics: Record cash, peanut vaccine a “potential breakthrough in food allergy”

4th March 2020

Allergy Therapeutics has today announced interim results for six months period to 31st December 2019.  Allergy has continued to grow its revenues making it 20 years of almost double digit revenue growth. What is often forgotten with the Group or perhaps just taken for granted, is that unlike its listed peer group, who need to tap up shareholders to fund their growth, Allergy has an array of products on the market in Europe. As result, at the end of the period in question the Group had a record cash balance of £39.7m. This will enable them to fund the two clinical trials planned for this year.


The other key point of difference with Allergy Therapeutics is the breath and diversity of treatments in its portfolio. The publication earlier this year in JACI of the company’s peanut allergy vaccine, is clear evidence of this. The results pave the way for first in human trial this year, the long term outcome of which Chief Exec Manuel Llobet has described in the interview below as being a potential “breakthrough in the food allergy area”


Allergy Therapeutics Investors Video

CEO Manuel Llobet on Five Minute pitch TV updating investors on the progress of their allergy vaccines

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