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27th February 2020 | Bango plc





Bango plc provides the mobile commerce platform which powers global giants such as Google, Amazon, Youtube TV, Spotify and a host of others. Listed on the London Stock Exchange with the ticker LON: BGO, the company processes £ billions of spend. For a practical example of Bango’s technology, android users across 6 continents are visiting Google Play and buying apps, with the cost added to their phone bill. The payment technology which powers these purchases is provided by Bango.

Bango’s payments business sits alongside its data business. In Bango’s investor video above, Founder Ray Anderson, CEO Paul Larbey and Co-Founder Anil Malhotra present their vision for this side of the business. Bango processes a huge amount of payment data and the insights are valuable. As Ray Anderson puts it, 20 years ago Google introduced the search engine. By collecting the data gathered during search, Google was able to help vendors target the right audience. 10 years later Facebook started collecting data based on what people liked, and this helped improve the way vendors targeted their audiences.Bango collect data based on what people buy, so the company can provide something of a step-change in marketing efficiency – they are able to unearth audiences with a track record of paying for products & services.

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