What causes allergies? An overview from Manuel Llobet

14th November 2018 | Allergy Therapeutics plc

Video: What Causes Allergies? An overview from Manuel Llobet


The rise in Allergies

Since the 1960s, the incidence of allergic disease in Western countries has progressively increased.  Within Allergic Rhinitis the epidemiological numbers are between 20-30% incidence, with the ratio varying between countries.

There are a number of theories as to what is causing this trend: the Hygiene Hypothesis and Dysbiota imbalances being the two most recognised. The Hygiene Hypothesis contends that Allergies are in part caused by overly clean environments: a lack of exposure to infections increases the incidence of autoimmune and allergic diseases. In other words, the body stops learning how to fight infections and viruses, which in turn leads to an increased risk of allergies.

The second theory Dysbiosis describes microbial imbalances within the body. Dysbiota is caused by impaired Microbiota, often as the result of poor and unvaried diets. Over-use of Antibiotics is another potential cause. It is argued that Dysbiosis leads to an increase in the incidence of allergies.

We filmed Manuel Llobet, CEO of Allergy Therapeutics (LON:AGY), discussing the causes behind the rise in Allergies.

Allergy Therapeutics are tackling the problem of Allergies, and currently distribute products in Europe. With a turnover of £68 million,  they have a large pipeline in various stages of clinical development.  Indeed, several of their products and formulas are in phase I II and III trials. Products on sale and in development range from those which provide immunity to pollens, dust mites, peanuts, birch and grass.

Their products provide a disease modifying outcome, rather than treating the symptoms. Another benefit is that their products are ultra short course. In other words, the products provide immunity and don’t require long periods for treatment.

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